Our culture

Understanding our culture will help our consultants be engaged and find the right solutions for our clients. We aim to engineer the environment we all want to work in.

We do this by:

Looking for ideas everywhere.
Intellectual curiosity is a must. This means an ongoing process in developing expertise in any and all areas of healthcare IT by talking, reading and researching and careful observation of the world around you. We aim to engineer an environment where we are interested and engaged.
Sharing and implementing our ideas.

Leadership is about having an idea worth following. Passion should gravitate consultants to business needs. We strive to design and deliver innovative services for customers. We also strive to innovate the model under which consultants work. We aim to engineer an environment where we feel empowered to share, promote, and implement our ideas.

Building community and collaboration.
Being on a team is about positive interdependence. We aim to engineer an environment where we all feel help make one another systematically better at what we do.

Encouraging professional development.
We also look outside our firm for knowledge and inspiration. We aim to engineer an environment where we benefit from and contribute to our professional community.

Promoting the power of consultants to improve healthcare.
We know good consultants have an important opportunity to enhance the delivery of healthcare. We aim to engineer an environment where the projects we engage in are meaningful.
GIS leadership is charged with exemplifying and promoting our culture.

This means making sure everyone understands the points above, monitoring adherence to values and not allowing our culture to be diluted as we expand.

Our culture needs to be constantly promoted and manifest itself in day-to-day practice. Below are key areas this promotion is implemented.

Hiring decisions.
Fit and potential contribution to our culture is the benchmark used to determine who we will bring on board.

Communication with our consultants.
Culture is inherent in the mentoring we give new consultants as well as the advice we give established consultants. It determines the talking points in check in meetings and written status reports.

Communications with our customers.
Culture is the basis of our elevator story. It drives how we communicate with customers, the advice we give and shows who we are.

Metrics and management decisions.
Culture drives how we assess the health of our firm and serves as guidelines for key decisions.
Strategic direction.
Culture needs to be reflected in how we identify, shape and evaluate the ultimate success of strategic initiatives.




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