Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Responsibility
The reputation of our company and the trust and the confidence our customers, employees, subcontractors and other stakeholders feel for us is the foundation our business rests upon. Corporate responsibility governs how we care for our relationships with these stakeholders in our day-to-day business and how we take responsibility for society at large. The way we handle this in Sagents is guided by our values and the way they are expressed in our Business Conduct Guidelines.    

Contribute to a Sustainable Society
By applying our Business Conduct Guidelines in our daily operations, we make sure we act responsibly in our relations with customers, colleagues and the world around us. In this work international and national laws and regulations sets only the minimum standards for our actions and we strive for Sagents and our employees to act as responsible participants in the building of a sustainable society.

Sagents encourages suppliers, agents, consultants and other business partners to adhere to these principles in their sphere of influence. We also apply them when assessing current and potential partners.

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