about us

Sagents, Inc. a professionally managed organization, providing a one-stop solution provider who can help modern organizations to overcome their business challenges. We understand the complexity of human resource issues presented by the ever-changing global economy and act accordingly in a prompt manner to deliver the right resources.

Established in 2008,Sagents, Inc is an Information Technology services firm specializing in application and product development & outsourcing and consulting, engineering services & quality assurance. We are headquartered in Colarado, USA with office located in Hyderabad, India. We serve the corporate in providing the best and efficient solutions catering to their clients aboard.

Sagents strength lies in using the technology as tool for satisfying the mission critical software requirements of its customers. Sagents, Inc. fully understands the time and budget constraints of the customer and develops a solution within these constraints using state of the art technology tools.

We are geared towards providing focused service to organizations whose competitive edge depends in part on the use of IT and for whom the opportunity to reduce software development cost can enhance their capabilities to compete in the global market place.

Sagents understands the customer requirements, designs and documents the specifications and implements it on-line.

We deliver in Internet time and consider both the strategy and the execution to be of high significance. We are pursuing to transform from a solution provider to a broader based business facilitator.

Our partnership programs are used to increase the functionality of our applications, and enhance our service suite, to support a customer end-to-end.

We have with us, highly skilled, competent, experienced and certified professionals.

We offer advance courses and software solutions on state-of-the-art technologies and platforms. Sagents, Inc received numerous accolades and is rated as quality processed company.


We must take pride in everything we do. From our people, to our products and in our relationships with business partners and our community, quality is our signature.
We are commited to achieve and exceed our client's expectation by providing best of our professional services through a team of highly trained and competent personnel.
We assure to maintain a very high standards of our quality ethics regardless of the volume of business.

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